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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Virtual Paint Color

I know how you feel. You want paint color so beguiling it invites you to take a breath, step closer and look a little deeper. You hunger for a kind of color that nudges you to limits you’ve never experienced before. You want the walls to have a palpable quality, either by inviting calm or energy.

How is this possible, you say? It’s possible, because color and light are really magic. Paint color in unity with natural light (NSEW) makes it possible to pick the correct colors for your specific environment.

You may think choosing a Virtual Color Consultant online is tricky! However, if you invest a little time you’ll get a good sense of who the person is, how long they’ve been in business, and pretty much what you need to know in advance. I’ve been color consulting since 2005. You can find out more about me on FB, Linked In and Google+.

Here We Go!!

How do you take advantage of online colors? What do you need?

You will need:

  • a computer
  • a camera (high quality pictures of windows, flooring and any furnishings that will remain in the room)
  • a PayPal account (always great to have)
  • a paint fan deck. I specify Benjamin Moore paint exclusively, so buy a fan deck & you’ll have tremendous advantage. Either the Classic or Color-Preview deck (Color Preview has all the whites, Classic does not).

Here’s how it works. You contact me for a consultation (sign up on my Contact page and check the “Virtual Color Consultation” box) . We’ll talk about the scope of your project and the direction you’re thinking for color. You email me a picture of the areas to be painted indicating where the NSEW natural light comes from. Once we determine the color or colors to be used from the information you’ve given me, I will format the colors and send you a template with the picture of your room/rooms with the colors next to the room showing placement. (The graphics read differently on all monitors, so the color next to your picture is only a representation of the actual color.) Within the color is the name and number of the correct color - great time to have the deck!

Let’s Get It Out of the Way

Fees are as follows:

  • One or two colors for any room: $95.00
  • A regular consultation is between $125.00 - $250.00: this is a color review of your home and suggestions for a new color scheme

All consultations come with advice as to color placement.


Are you working with a timeframe? Please be advised that you ALWAYS need to sample your colors before making a decision, just to be 110% sure. If you need color in a hurry, let me know. Otherwise I like to complete virtual consultations in a timely manner. This is not a long haul of color process, it’s meant to be fast and easy.

Love it - Hate it!

Hopefully you love the first colors I send. This is why your descriptions are very important to me. I have a Houzz account and a Pinterest account; that you might get some ideas from. If you do not love the color/colors, we will work on adjusting them until you are happy. This will be done with a reasonable amount of back and forth and at some point I may charge additional fees, if necessary.

Reveal Your Inner Self

What a perfect time to ‘reveal your inner self’ to the world. You have a color history; you have opinions, probably many opinions, so imagine what you want for your home and know you can have it all with color. There is no need to feel overwhelmed when choosing color, it’s there for you. All you have to do is find the colors that make you feel joyful! My motto is KIS; ‘keep it simple’.

I can do this for you. All YOU have to do is call me.

Lynne Whiteside, CFYH
Live Love Color Consulting
San Francisco, California