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Lynne’s Profile

With a history in high-end retail, and a fascination with color and construction it was a natural progression for me to develop an interest in architectural color consultation. In a short time I realized color was a primary entrance to how we see, feel and react on a daily basis.

For several years I have been helping clients bring a heightened color awareness into their homes. Whether you have a distinct idea of the colors you want, and need me to find them for you, or, if you would rather have me chose colors appropriate to your needs, it can be done.

My consultations are on old and new projects, large or small, interior or exterior. My work on new projects has been to use appropriate colors for sale. My other projects include several victorians and rental properties.

Color Changes Everything... Let me help you with what you are looking for, the appropriate and/or personal colors for your living space.

Lynne Whiteside

Client Testimonials

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“Lynne Whiteside has been my Architectural Color Consultant on three of my most recent projects in San Francisco. Lynne always exceeds my expectations with her color choices by bringing something new to each project.

I will continue to use Lynne on my projects knowing she will bring fresh ideas in the use of color and placement. She is a professional who focuses on the people who will live in these buildings and how the color that surrounds them will affect their daily lives.”

Jan Werner
Werner & Associates
Mill Valley, CA 94941

“Lynne Whiteside has been Winning Colors Painting & Deccorating in-house color consultant for several years. She offers my clients a creative mind and an educated eye to make a home beautiful. I recommend Lynne's service to all my clients.”

Principle: Nita Riccardi
Winning Colors Painting & Decorating